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I bet you will not be able to find this kind of simple and effective method of day trading even after spending lakhs of rupees in some Hi Fi institute. is giving an unique oppurtunity to you to be master in day trading. i have put all my 8 years of experience in one simple intraday method, So you dont have to waste your time and money in learning to trade intraday profitably.

Few of the highlights of method are listed below

  • Exclusive 2 hour one on one training.
  • Online course(you will get a link where you will be able to see my screen and i will explain to you everything, just like face to face)
  • Very easy to scan the market and take decisions
  • Risk reward ratio of 1:2(For eg if you place 1.5 rs stoploss the target will be Rs 3)
  • Accuracy of 75%
  • No technical indicators involved
  • We dont trade charts, we trade what market is telling us to trade, first we see whether we should trade or not, secondly we see which stock to trade, lastly we see where to trade the stock we have found(only this part require charts)
  • No wasting time with 5 min, 10 min , 15 mins charts and brainstorming without results
  • No guess work and looking for indicators and stocks here and there. I will show you exact steps to find which stocks to trade and where to trade within 3-5 minutes
  • Very easy to grasp even for starters(i dont teach complete starters.Read full page before contacting.No offence but i value my time)
  • Money management technique for the trade
  • Earning potential 1-2 % everyday
  • The method is applied in 3 time frames 10-11 am in the morning, 11:15-12:30 pm, and 1-3:30 pm you can choose to trade all time frames or any of your choice

Note:This is not a technical analysis course. I teach to trade, not macd and rsi and double top or double bottom or fibbonacci or pivot points or anything like that. So please dont ask for agenda what all we will learn. I will teach one method based on which we will find which stocks will go up or down

I garrunttee you after learning the method you will never pay any money to any stock tips provider ever. You will not ask anyone about what will a stock do in intraday.  I will transform your day trading forever.

How it works:
* You make the payment either through payment link below or in the bank(Click Here for bank details)
* We send you material through email(Please provide only gmail id)
* You go through material and we call and schedule an online class with you
Class will be served on first come first served basis.

Fees:Online Course: Rs 21, 500 16,700(including of service tax)
Please avail SAS online offer for huge discount on fees

Click on the button below to pay via Credit Card/Debit card/ Net banking

There is strict no refund policy on the website as the course material is intagible in nature .Please refer to disclaimer by clicking here.

Fees for all courses combined(intraday, market champ, investor is Rs 25,000 inclusive of taxes)

Day Trading Training Structure
* Step 1: Material Sent via email
* Step 2: Client works with the method and finds questions or doubts
* Step 3: Training conducted one to one to clear the doubts

Client Profile:
* Atleast 6 months in stock market
* Basic understanding of support and resistance

Please dont waste your time and my time if you dont meet above requirements.

Requirements For Training: Internet connection

Requirements to learn: Sharekhan or India infoline Trading terminal or any other terminal that shows intraday chart

Mode Of Teaching: With help of messenger(voice chat), screen sharing and power point presentation.GotoMeeting, Online Meetings.

Intake: Not more than 5 person at a time. I want to give my 100% to everyone who wants to learn the method. So I dont want many people but only sincere and dedicated people.


Question: Why should you learn?
Answer :  For those people who think fees is high please go on continuing to loose 1000, 2000 or 5000 or more per  day and calculate how many days it takes to loose this amount of money. Also i dont want everyone to know the method. Market has to have loosers in order to have winners.

Question: He is charging so less. I am used to do courses for 50, 000 to 1 lakh. Will i be able to learn anything?
Answer :  Well best of luck with all those methods.Lets face it, you are still reading till this point because even after spending lakhs of rupees you are not happy and looking for a genuine intraday method to trade.

Question: I am totally new will i be able to understand the method ?
Answer :  Although i will not teach you the basics like F1 is for buying abd F2 is for selling. But, the more effort you put in as per my direction the earlier you will learn.

Question: Can i trade in cash as well as futures ?
Answer : Yes we can trade both in cash as well as in future. We only trade in stocks which are in futures and options segment.It depends on you whether you want to trade in cash or future.

Question: I have lost so much money or It is very costly for me.
Answer :  You are probably not ready yet to invest in yourself. Its ok with me if you dont join. For me it would simply mean less people to teach the method.

Question: If you can earn the money yourself. Why teach others ?
Answer :  i have set some goals for me.Teaching this method will help me accomplice those goals. People come to me when they have lost lakhs. I am just a human there is no substitiute to happiness in life than a honest praise by someone you barely know.

Question: What is the garruntte that i will earn after learning the method?
Answer : The method which i teach will give you clear picture on what is going to happen to a stock. Once you are well versed with the method, trading will be very easy for you.In words of one client "Hey man i can see the future with this".

Question: Are there any trials?
Answer : NO. The whole purpose of this course is to enable you to trade yourself.The trial will be like me giving tips and doing the same thing other tips provider are doing which defeats the purpose.However you can look at what other clients are saying by clicking here

Question: What amount i need to invest?
Answer : Stock market is a business. You need money to earn money. Otherwise you can paper trade and start getting rich on paper.

Question: Can you provide references or any other proofs?
Answer : No requests for providing existing clients details for reference will be entertained. All the information you need is in this page and supporting facebok page and blog with client speak/performance. Please go through all the pages before contacting us.


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Client Testimonials

Puran C.Chhajed, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai
I have read many books and done many courses including one of the very famous one from MUMBAI affiliated with U.S.A. on stock market, but i have not made any money because of so many indicators.To watch, analyze, interpret and then trade them are both not possible during market timings. Now i learned both courses, INTRADAY AS WELL AS MARKET CHAMPION course.Both courses are very SIMPLE & EASY TO understand and are applicable during mkt timing .Both corses are FAST and RESULT ORIENTED .whatever u spend on learning these courses will be recoverd in few weeks.Looking forward for courses in commodity market soon..

Rajeev Ranjan, IT Consultant, Tehran,  Iran
I tried many Indicators and method of Intraday before, all of them are confusing and not satisfactory. After adopting the NSE trader method I found it is really easy and result oriented. It is taking very less time to give the result .  Charges can be earned within week of trading . Hopefully In the near future we will see other profitable methods as well for different style of trading.

Kp Kumar, IT Consultant, Mumbai
Its simply rock solid method. You  dont need to know any indicators and dont  need to do brain storming to scan\take entry.It's  so easy to implement  in practical. hardly you need any time to scan for scrips..holding time max 45 minutes to exit with 1-2% profit from that scrip.Do remember this works in 80-85% of cases and you can sense if its opp direction that will help you exit very quickly  without waiting for stops to get it. Now I dont have to rely on any experts , tips providers which i used before.

Priyanka Sharma, New Delhi
I would like to thank Nsetrader for having methods on which a layman like me can trade profitably.