Your Mentor in trading Indian markets is giving an unique oppurtunity to you to be master in trading stocks, futures and options positionally. This course is for all positional traders who likes to buy near lows and sell near highs of any stock. The course will teach how to find exact highs and exact lows of stock. Like intraday method the course will be very easy to understand and implement the techniques taught .If you trade futures the concepts taught in this course are must have . I will not waste your and my time teaching the indicators other people use .Instead show you some of the techniques which you can use easily and make big profits from it.

Few of the highlights of the course are listed below

  • Positional, swing trading system
  • Above 80% accuracy
  • Very simple indicators and method so that every body can use them immediately
  • Strict rules laid out for buying and selling
  • Works in both directions long and shorts
  • Immediate confidence boosters with always recent and current example
  • Every concept and topic taught will be no nonsense tradeble methods, Believe me you will be laughing on those analysts on TV
  • Expect Big profits trades in the methods taught

Fees : Rs 17, 500 for book material to be sent via email

Fees for all courses combined(intraday, market champ, investor is Rs 25,000 inclusive of taxes)

I will donate 5% of whetever i earn to charitable trusts working for old people and send you receipts.

Client Profile:Some Experience in stock future trading and a trading capital of atleast 5 lakhs.

Mode Of Teaching: With help of messenger(voice chat), screen sharing and power point presentation.GotoMeeting, Online Meetings.

Support: I will provide life time support for this market analysis course.

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Client Testimonials

Puran C.Chhajed, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai
I have read many books and done many courses including one of the very famous one from MUMBAI affiliated with U.S.A. on stock market, but i have not made any money because of so many indicators.To watch, analyze, interpret and then trade them are both not possible during market timings. Now i learned both courses, INTRADAY AS WELL AS MARKET CHAMPION course.Both courses are very SIMPLE & EASY TO understand and are applicable during mkt timing .Both corses are FAST and RESULT ORIENTED .whatever u spend on learning these courses will be recoverd in few weeks.Looking forward for courses in commodity market soon..

Rajeev Ranjan, IT Consultant, Tehran,  Iran
I tried many Indicators and method of Intraday before, all of them are confusing and not satisfactory. After adopting the NSE trader method I found it is really easy and result oriented. It is taking very less time to give the result .  Charges can be earned within week of trading . Hopefully In the near future we will see other profitable methods as well for different style of trading.

Kp Kumar, IT Consultant, Mumbai
Its simply rock solid method. You  dont need to know any indicators and dont  need to do brain storming to scan\take entry.It's  so easy to implement  in practical. hardly you need any time to scan for scrips..holding time max 45 minutes to exit with 1-2% profit from that scrip.Do remember this works in 80-85% of cases and you can sense if its opp direction that will help you exit very quickly  without waiting for stops to get it. Now I dont have to rely on any experts , tips providers which i used before.

Priyanka Sharma, New Delhi
I would like to thank Nsetrader for having methods on which a layman like me can trade profitably.